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My Bodysex® Story

Hey, friends! My name is Stephanie Milstead, and my pronouns are she/her. I'm the woman behind Bodysex® Asheville, offering the same workshops created by Betty A. Dodson Ph.D & Carlin Ross, as featured in Netflix's Goop Lab's The Pleasure is Ours episode. 

In 2021, I discovered Bodysex on Netflix! I had been devouring content related to my personal sexual journey of healing deep shame and blocks, and the episode immediately struck a chord with me! I went through a series of online private sessions with Carlin, and the experience changed my life forever. Years of body and vulva shame, as well as orgasm challenges, began to shed rapidly and beautifully. I knew immediately that I wanted to complete the facilitator training and pay it forward, and in July 2023 I was certified.

When we come together in circles of women, we are powerful. When we come to those circles with our shared experiences, stories, and wisdom, incredible healing occurs on multiple levels.  This is the sisterhood, the remothering, the standing beside each other supporting each other in living in the fullness of our juicy, delicious, sexual power, that we are all craving but don’t even realize we are missing until it’s suddenly there. In its fullness, in its beauty. It feeds our souls and liberates us. It sets us free. 


More About Me

I have a diverse background in mentoring across the life spectrum. I like to think of it this way: first I was trained in birth, then death, and now orgasms, which span our lives from before birth up until we die! 

I am a queer cis woman with deep roots in the Asheville community. I am active in the kink and shibari communities, and am polyamorous with a bent toward relationship anarchy. I support any life path that supports you in feeling like your truest self, whatever that means for you!


I am a former Birthing from Within mentor, CAPPA-certified childbirth educator, and breastfeeding peer counselor, as well as a trained home funeral guide and an end-of-life care and after death directives coach. I'm also a level 1 reiki practitioner, single mom, shibari bottom, lover, and friend.


All of these experiences have lent themselves to my background as an experienced mentor, circle facilitator, and community builder. I have a love for holding space for others and for being the vessel that helps your wisdom flow through. I love Asheville with all my heart and am so grateful to live in these magical mountains. I can't wait to connect with you!

The Bodysex® Approach

Bodysex® is a process designed by Betty Dodson, Ph.D to help women better understand their bodies and sexuality. There is no failure. We pull back the layers of shame, guilt, misinformation, and trauma to reveal our true sexual selves. Women have the most sophisticated sex organ on the planet, capable of endless pleasure. The clitoris is evergreen. It never ages and women can have orgasms until the end of life. It’s never too late to begin. To embrace the full capacity of pleasure, women need to understand basic sexual anatomy, find the parts that bring us to orgasm, and claim our bodies for our own pleasure.

The rituals practiced in Bodysex® workshops are designed to support women as they connect to their bodies, heal shame, and move fully into pleasure. Bodysex rituals are learned in an environment of compassion and support. All women in a Bodysex circle are equal. Participants share their own experiences first person. The workshop facilitator serves the group by holding the space and introducing the rituals. Every woman heals herself through the Bodysex rituals, sharing in the circle, and self-pleasure. The intimacy that is inherent in Bodysex often creates a feeling of sisterhood among those who have shared this space together. Pleasure exists for every woman and those with whom she chooses to share it.

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