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How that One Bodysex “Goop Lab” Episode Changed My Life

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You know the one. Wait, you don’t? Here. You’re welcome.

I don’t want to share too much, because I really want you to go watch the episode for yourself. But I can say, there will be vulvas. There will be a real orgasm. On Netflix. Yes.

Why did I come (pun intended) away from this episode feeling like my mind had just exploded? Here’s what I think it was. Well, part of it.

What was shown wasn’t performative or exhibitionistic, and I wasn’t feeling like a voyeur. What was shown by these brave women on Netflix to millions of viewers was a profound gift to women, vulva owners, and humanity. To be so vulnerable and so committed to their beliefs (beliefs like all vulvas are beautiful and that we don’t really know what women’s orgasms can really look like because all we’ve seen is in mainstream pornography) that they were willing to share this with the world.

I received the gift with my remote in my lap, my heart swelling, and maybe, I’ll admit, my jaw on the floor.

What came next for me was profound. The next day I jumped on my computer and started researching. It wasn’t long after that I found Bodysex® and began the next part of my sexual healing journey and, turns out, my next calling on this beautiful planet spinning through the sky.

About my sexual healing journey…I was deep in it already for about the past year, so it wasn’t like I all of a sudden jumped into the world of healing my intense sexual shame as soon as I clicked on the remote. Throughout 2021 I’d been focusing within my somatic and EMDR therapy sessions on my troubles with sex (more on those another time.)

But that night when I casually turned on the Goop Lab TV series on Netflix — episode 3 to be precise — I set my life on a trajectory I would never have expected.

Get your vibrators ready, ladies. Because you are all. worthy. of. pleasure.

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